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Juvenile Forensic Psychologist and Counselor Joins the ProvenTherapists Team

Press Release: With a strong team of 65 professional therapists ProvenTherapy strives to provide the best quality of care. Dubai based Juni Shrestha is the latest addition to the team of ProvenTherapists on the virtual counseling world. 

“When life seems complicated, you can count on ProvenTherapy to guide you to the happier and healthier way of life,” says the new therapist Juni Shrestha.  She is very passionate about helping others so that they can lead a happy, healthy and content life. She strongly believes in the importance of first being a strong individual in order to be able to connect with rest of the world. 

Being a Juvenile specialist Mrs. Shrestha advocates strongly about raising happy children. She states, “Childhood/adolescent years are very crucial as well as important time of life; their entire future is stored in those precious years.” She adds parenting can be a very difficult task so she is happy to be on board with to meet and help parents/caregivers.

Furthermore, her therapeutic counseling is tailored around client’s individual needs. Even though the backbone of her counseling adheres to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she also has profound appreciation for Alderian Theory and practices.

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BounzD reviews ProvenTherapy

Proventherapy have made sure that the concept of ‘Virtual Therapy’ connects to a lot of disturbed people and thus offer online counseling and online psychotherapy services for mental health, marriage, or relationship issues through highly confidential sessions using traditional as well as innovative online counseling methods through live sessions, telephone counseling, and email therapy.

The founders of Proventherapy ( make sure that the customers are comfortable with them and they also make sure the customer is completely out of the problem. The services offered by the founders are:

  • Flexible, making sure that the customer can join their therapeutic session from    any private place in and moreover wait for sessions to start in a convenient and secure ‘Virtual Waiting Room’.
  • Convenient, eliminating the travel time and costs associated with traditional therapies
  • Verifiable, making the customer confident that the practitioners on their network are legitimate, highly qualified and ready to assist the customers
  • Secure, most importantly the founders offer a secure way of connecting the customer with the therapist by maintaining high confidentiality.

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Press Release: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Goes Live on

Arthur Belmont, a California based marriage and family therapist joins the team of professionals giving online counseling service through, one of the leading online counseling and psychotherapy clinic on the Internet.

The virtual online counseling and psychotherapy clinic for mental health, marriage, and relationship problems has a team of more than 60 Approved ProvenTherapists extending ‘healing touch to the troubled hearts and souls’ through online counseling and psychotherapy services. The professional therapists provide counseling and psychotherapy support through live chat, telephone, and email methods round the clock, seven days a week. Arthur Belmont, a licensed independant counselor and psychotherapist, is the latest addition to the team of ProvenTherapists who has 18 years of experience in the therapy field.

Arthur H. Belmont is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) who has been practicing psychotherapy since 1995. He received his M.S. degree in Counseling from California State University, Long Beach and his B.A. degree in Communications from Temple University in Philadelphia. Arthur is currently practicing in San Diego, California and maintains his licensure in both Florida and California.

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Talking To Your Children

Linda Harris

Approved ProvenTherapist


Linda Harris - Approved ProvenTherapist It’s everywhere. Talk about financial struggles is on the internet, the television, in the newspapers, between parents, and amongst students in high schools. It is almost impossible to be unaware of the rising price of gas, food, and of foreclosures. Children are very sensitive to stress in a household and when they are left out of what is happening, they create their own stories which may be more traumatizing than the reality of the family’s difficulties.

Contact Linda for Counseling and Parenting Support

The question is not if, but what is the best way to talk to your children about challenging financial times. What do you say that is age appropriate. Before having this conversation, make it a priority to put your own house in order. If you do not have a financial plan, follow the adage, “better late than never”. Helping a child feel secure is extraordinarily difficult if you do not manage your own emotions. Guilt and self-doubt may arise from feeling that something more could have been done to prevent this financial challenge.Take responsibility for your part of the problem, but recognize what is not under your control. Go for walks, connect with the beauty of nature, and stay in the present. These tools will make it easier to calm yourself. After settling on a plan, think carefully about what to say. Children do not need to know specifics unless they ask, but they need to hear that the situation is temporary, and that you are working on a resolution. Moreover, since children often blame themselves, explain that it is not their fault.

Listen empathically. without judgment. Give your children the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and fears, then carefully look for signs of distress. Are they experiencing sleeping or eating problems, or isolating themselves? If so, talk to them, and when necessary seek help from their pediatrician or a counselor.

Discuss the new priorities that you are instituting, helping children discern the difference between needs and wants. If they feel embarrassed about moving to an apartment from a house, or not having new clothes, convey your understanding about how difficult it is to make these changes. Emphasize the importance of working as a family to devise a plan as to how everyone can contribute to solve family problems. Explain how much money in the budget is allocated for each expenditure. When children feel that they are a part of the common good and understand what is going on, they feel less powerless and more in control.

Make the best of the challenges by turning adversity into an adventure. Create a list of fun, free activities such as planning a picnic, going for a hike, playing games in the evening, or making gifts.

Have age appropriate conversations. For children ages six and under, focus on reassuring them that they are safe and secure and are part of a team. Use simple language and be truthful. Answer questions that are asked. Children between six and twelve can raise money, such as having a garage sale. Help them figure out how they can help others, perhaps by donating clothes or toys. Children between 13 and 17 are more aware and are having financial discussions themselves. They need reassurance, but can do more to contribute to the family finances, maybe with a part time job. Teach them how to budget, so they can make changes to support the family’s needs.

Finally, a crises is an opportunity to look within oneself. Adults and children alike may discover new strengths. Challenges also offer a chance to recognize the importance of being a part of a community. Though hard times can be divisive, we as individuals and as a community can choose to become stronger by the act of giving and receiving, thus realizing that we are not alone.

Sareeta Behera is a ProvenTherapist!

 Sareeta Behera - ProvenTherapist Sareeta Behera has joined the team of ProvenTherapists!

An Indian origin, Counselor and Psychotherapist, Sareeta is a researcher in Clinical Psychology who has been working in the therapeutic area for more than 7 years.

Strong professional background, giving highest priority to client satisfaction through dedicated service, use of effectual treatment techniques, symptom re-evaluation before termination of therapy and providing a congenial virtual environment for client treatment sessions are her hallmarks.

“The uniqueness, dedication towards helping people, effectiveness and magnanimity of quality services provided by ProvenTherapy inspired me to become a part of the team and help people across the globe…,” remarked Sareeta.

Welcome to the team Sareeta!

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How To Improve Communication Skills : Comprehend Quite A Few Key Points

Do you know how to improve communication skills? Potent communication assists us far far better have an understanding of a person or situation, enables us to resolve differences, construct trust and respect, and create environments precisely exactly where inventive ideas, dilemma solving, affection, and caring can flourish.

As straightforward as communication seems, substantially of what we try and communicate-and other individuals attempt to communicate to us-gets misunderstood, which may lead to conflict and frustration in personal and expert relationships. By learning how to improve communication skills, it’s attainable to superior connect as well as your spouse, youngsters, good friends, and coworkers. Relationships don’t exist inside a vacuum. They exist amongst two emotional human beings who bring their own past experiences, background, and expectations into it. Two distinct men and women also have diverse levels of ability on the subject of communication so it really is greater to understand how to improve communication skills. But superior communication, because of the fact it’s a capacity, may also be learned. Communication either makes or breaks most relationships. It really is doable to understand how to improve communication skills by placing into practice some of these ideas for enhancing the communication within your relationship. How To Improve Communication Skills

Let’ learn about how to improve communication skills a bit. Sometimes it really is tempting to bring up past seemingly connected conflicts when coping with present ones. Unfortunately, this usually clouds the problem and makes locating mutual understanding as well as a remedy for the present situation much less most likely, and tends to create the full discussion extra taxing too as confusing. Try not to bring up past hurts or other topics. Stay focused on the present, your feelings, understanding a single a additional and acquiring a answer. Understanding how to improve communication skills it really is not so tricky. How lots of occasions have you heard a person say this or read this in an report about communication abilities? How difficult is it to essentially do when you’re “in the moment?”

Tougher than it sounds. When we’re knee deep inside a significant discussion or argument with our substantial other, it is difficult to spot aside our point for the moment and just listen. We’re frequently so afraid of not becoming heard, we rush to keep talking. Ironically, such behavior makes it all of the far additional probably we’ll not be heard. In a conflict, where mastering how to improve communication skills is really vital, most of us mainly wish to really feel heard and understood. We speak a entire lot about our point of view to acquire the other particular individual to discover out products our way. Ironically, if all of us do that all of the time, there’s tiny focus on the other person’s point of view, and nobody feels understood. Here’s how to improve communication skills, attempt and genuinely see the other side, and after that it’s doable to higher clarify yours. (For all those who don’t ‘get it’, ask extra queries till you do.)

Other people today will far additional likely be prepared to listen if they feel heard. Some individuals have in no way been quite open to other individuals in their life. Heck, if you wish to how to improve communication skills then, several people today may nicely not even know themselves, or know significantly about their quite personal true demands and desires. But to become inside a connection will probably be to take a step toward opening up your life and opening up oneself. A different method to know how to improve communication skills. Nobody can speak about important, big matters if they feel emotionally vulnerable or charged-up and angry.

These will not be the occasions to speak in regards towards the important matters (like money, receiving married, the youngsters, or retirement). You may believe it impossible, nonsensical or perhaps contradictory to talk about an emotional subject like receiving married or possessing children devoid of emotion. But try other opints of wiew if you wish to discover how to improve communication skills. Text The Romance Back

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