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Kudos Sharanya, you did it!!

Sharanya Dinesh - Approved ProvenTherapist

She is Dr. Sharanya Dinesh now!

One of the experienced ProvenTherapists Sharanya Dinesh gained her Doctoral degree recently, a huge milestone to achieve, a real reward for her hard work and dedication!

Dr. Dinesh did her doctoral thesis in clinical psychology titled Self Awareness in Present Day Adolescents.

The research was done in the metro schools and one Govt school for the poor/under privileged. The sample consisted of 450-500 students and the research inquiry was on emotional, professional, social, financial, spiritual awareness for students from grade 10 to grade 12.

Dr. Sharanya is providing online counseling and psychotherapy through and also giving face to face therapeutic sessions at her own clinic in India. She is a fan of Khalil Gibran and has been incorporated Gibran’s meditative ideas into her therapy.


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Sandra is a ProvenTherapist!


Sandra Vogt

Missouri based Counseling Psychologist joins the ProvenTherapists team. Sandra Vogt is specialized in the treatment of victims of domestic violence and has six years professional experience in the field. Sandra is also specialized in the treatment of depression anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Sandra opened her virtual clinic at ProvenTherapy and is available for online chat, telephone, or email counseling session for potential clients.  

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Welcome to the Team Sandra!



ProvenTherapy has a New Addition as Dialectical Behavior Therapist Joins the Team


Press Release: 26 Nov. Washington: Nationally recognized and certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist Pat Sumlin, LMFT, has opened her virtual clinic at, the premier online counseling and psychotherapy portal for troubled hearts and souls.

A licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with fifteen years of trauma-informed clinical experience, her primary theoretical orientation is psycho-dynamic although she has studied extensively the work of object relations/attachment theories, inter-subjectivity and internal family systems.

Dedicated to the advancement of DBT and without hesitation, Pat stated “Dr. Marsha Linehan has had a profound impact on my clinical career”. She admits to owning  every publication on DBT and to address the mainstream obstacles for individuals who learn differently, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and/or Dyslexia, Pat has written a  comprehensive DBT guide for clients specifically diagnosed with learning disabilities. She has a reputation for creative and innovative approaches, and is known for advancing the field of film therapy with a substantial list of films to offer her film therapy groups, such as Defending Your Life, Awakening’s and Changing Lanes.  Characterized by clients as a “truth teller” and “code breaker” Pat values and emphasizes the importance of diversity, integrity, equality and justice which explains her high regarded clinical competency with vulnerable populations and minority groups.

Devoted to educating clients Pat teaches clients particularly those diagnosed with PTSD about the Middle Path, seeing the world as a neutral place, and balancing acceptance with change.  Two of her key messages to clients are how meaningful the present can be and the importance of accepting reality and the consequences of life gracefully.

Pat started her career by working in a homeless shelter and provided clinical daily managerial oversight operations of the mental health/substance abuse treatment/recovery, and after-care clinic for HIV+/AIDS clients.

Not one to shy away from hard work, she went on to develop and manage a DBT program in a large outpatient mental health clinic.  Providing an opportunity for clients diagnosed with any number of co-occurring disorders to learn self-management coping skills, she made it possible for over 90 clients annually to benefit from either her individual or group DBT formats.

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Juvenile Forensic Psychologist and Counselor Joins the ProvenTherapists Team

Press Release: With a strong team of 65 professional therapists ProvenTherapy strives to provide the best quality of care. Dubai based Juni Shrestha is the latest addition to the team of ProvenTherapists on the virtual counseling world. 

“When life seems complicated, you can count on ProvenTherapy to guide you to the happier and healthier way of life,” says the new therapist Juni Shrestha.  She is very passionate about helping others so that they can lead a happy, healthy and content life. She strongly believes in the importance of first being a strong individual in order to be able to connect with rest of the world. 

Being a Juvenile specialist Mrs. Shrestha advocates strongly about raising happy children. She states, “Childhood/adolescent years are very crucial as well as important time of life; their entire future is stored in those precious years.” She adds parenting can be a very difficult task so she is happy to be on board with to meet and help parents/caregivers.

Furthermore, her therapeutic counseling is tailored around client’s individual needs. Even though the backbone of her counseling adheres to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she also has profound appreciation for Alderian Theory and practices.

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Sareeta Behera is a ProvenTherapist!

 Sareeta Behera - ProvenTherapist Sareeta Behera has joined the team of ProvenTherapists!

An Indian origin, Counselor and Psychotherapist, Sareeta is a researcher in Clinical Psychology who has been working in the therapeutic area for more than 7 years.

Strong professional background, giving highest priority to client satisfaction through dedicated service, use of effectual treatment techniques, symptom re-evaluation before termination of therapy and providing a congenial virtual environment for client treatment sessions are her hallmarks.

“The uniqueness, dedication towards helping people, effectiveness and magnanimity of quality services provided by ProvenTherapy inspired me to become a part of the team and help people across the globe…,” remarked Sareeta.

Welcome to the team Sareeta!

See press release about Sareeta:

Profile page to contact Sareeta at ProvenTherapy:

Virtual Clinic at Home

Do you think that you need somebody to extend a healing touch to your troubled heart?  Visiting a mental health professional doesn’t make you feel comfortable?  Feeling embarrassed to meet a counselor face to face? Read along… you probably will benefit from taking online counseling or psychotherapy from an online clinician.

Virtual clinic is intended for people like you.  There are hundreds of virtual mental health clinics like and thousands of qualified therapist working round the clock to talk to you… No need for embarrassment because you are not going out from your room to physically meet a therapist face to face… No need to let others know that you have an appointment with a mental health professional what so ever… There are thousands of practitioners available online in the virtual world to choose from… You can pick your therapist after reviewing their credentials and also you have the option to inquire about the therapy methods they are using even before committing to attend an appointment.

Online counseling clinics operate through different methods.  Most of the counseling sites provide you online live chat session, which is found to be the most effective one in many respects.  The therapist can ask different diagnostic questions in real time in order to make his clinical assessment of your problem.  Once a diagnosis is made the clinician will discuss the treatment plan with you.  Follow-up appointment will be part of further care plan. Many other Internet clinics offer telephone counseling service as well. has a telephone call widget within the site itself. Client can click this call button to talk to the therapist who receives the call on his/her telephone. All telephone sessions as well as live chat sessions will be recorded and will be kept confidential. Clients are encouraged to check if the online clinic is protected by additional SSL encryption layer in order to prevent data leakage.

The major disadvantage of online therapy is that the clinician loses the opportunity to read the client’s body language, and hence not able to note if the client has problems like tics.  The clinican cannot make physical examination or check your blood pressure which are needed on some cases.  However, research shows that there are millions of people access this online counseling facility because of the comfort and flexibility the virtual clinic gives to them. Of course, virtual clinics offer convenience, value for money, and more flexibility in terms of appointments, and choice of therapists.

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