Hypnosis For High Bloodpressure

In this article we will be looking at how you can use hypnosis for high blood pressure (hypertension). This is a serious condition; there are obvious health problems for example if you have high blood pressure then you is vulnerable to things like heart attacks and strokes, both of which can easily kill you… or worse. Hypnosis and high blood pressure go hand in hand with each other, as you will find out below, so sit back and read.

Using hypnosis for high blood pressure may spike the ears of the sceptics, but in reality it is actually a very good solution. There are two causes of high blood pressure, a biological one and a psychological one, using hypnosis for high blood pressure which was caused by biological causes (i.e. poor diet and little exercise) would be pointless and you would be wasting your time. However if you already have a good diet and take regular exercise, the more likely cause to your high blood pressure is psychological or in layman’s terms: stress.

Now, if you were to take the time to learn hypnosis then you can easily use it to get rid of your stress and thus help to alleviate your condition. The process basically involves calming yourself and finding your centre, similar to the effects which are achieved by meditation. High blood pressure isn’t something which can be cured overnight, so be patient and stick with hypnosis if you’re committed to improving your health.There are two forms of hypnosis which you can use to combat high blood pressure, self hypnosis, which involves you (basically) hypnotizing yourself, or using a hypnotherapist which involves paying someone in do the hypnotizing for you.
Using Hypnotherapy For High Blood Pressure

So firstly using a hypnotherapist is generally a better option as it will ensure that your blood pressure and stress levels are lowered to a suitable level, additionally because the hypnotherapist has gone through years of training, they will be able to hypnotize you effectively and what’s more the effects should be quicker when compared to other hypnosis methods. Typically you will start to see results within a few weeks when using a hypnotherapist.

However that’s not to say that using a hypnotherapist is the best option, the costs can be relatively astronomical when compared to the self hypnosis alternative. Any hypnotherapist worth seeing will at the very charge you $15 per hour session , which is around 5 times the cost of a hypnosis tape, and considering they essentially do the same thing, a hypnotherapist may seem like a bit of a rip off.

Having said that hypnotherapy is incomparable in terms of pound for pound effectiveness. To achieve the same results of one, one hour hypnotherapist session one would have to do several hours of self hypnosis or listen to several hours of hypnosis audio recordings.

Using Self Hypnosis For High Blood Pressure

Hypnotizing yourself can be a really good solution if you’re on a tight budget, simply because you can learn it for nothing (check out our self hypnosis guide or this one by Melvin Powers). As the name suggests, self hypnosis involves doing all the work for yourself, as such you will need to compensate for this in order to achieve the relaxed state required. This is easily done by sitting or lying down, and while this is not a problem, it does however mean that you can’t perform self hypnosis on the go.

Another advantage to using self hypnosis for high blood pressure is that the process you go through to hypnotize yourself is relaxing, this means that even if you are struggling to achieve hypnosis, your stress levels will go down thus helping your blood pressure.

Another good thing about using self hypnosis for your high blood pressure is the fact that once you know how to do it, you can transfer the skills to help with other problems such as insomnia, which makes it preferable to the other solutions because audio recordings tends to be suited to the disorder and you would have to spend more money for hypnotherapy.

Using Pre-recorded Hypnosis For High Blood Pressure

This again is a really good solution if you can spring for a hypnotherapist. Typically these recording will go for around $5, after which you can use them as many times as you want or need, however because the hypnosis – blood pressure is a pretty niche topic the better recording such as this one will go for $12.99. If feel this is too much, relax, you can simply buy an audio which will reduce stress such as this one which is just $4.99.

Besides the advantage of being dirt cheap, hypnosis recordings can be used pretty much anywhere, it could be on the way to work, during your lunch or even as you’re falling asleep. This means you can be flexible when using it, an hour here and there will ensure that you will get rid of the high blood pressure.

So there you have it three ways in which you can use hypnosis for high blood pressure.

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