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ImportantBipolar Disorder Cause

The question of what actually causes bipolar condition has been a present for many centuries and scientific studies continue to be conducted in an effort to comprehend the condition more. As it might be expected on such an unclear topic, subsequent research have had very astonishing results such as those from a 2000 research conducted by the American journal of psychiatry. The researchers revealed that the brains if people with bipolar illness have two sections that control the other parts of the organ. This is one more of the many explanations of what causes the overstimulation in the brain, the main feature of a bipolar illness condition.

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Even with the many reports that have been conducted in this area, it is not entirely likely to point out the exact cause of this complex condition. This is so because the disease is seen to emanate from a myriad of factors and cuts across every segment of the human race. If we consider bipolar condition as a mental illness, then we can in a way try to determine what causes it. As we already know, mental illnesses are caused by both environmental and biological factors.

When talking about biological factors as a source of bipolar disorder, it is all about the genetic make up and how it spreads along a particular lineage. The likelihood of the condition being inherited has been debated and studied far and wide. Specifically, twin, family and adoption scientific studies have all indicated that indeed the disease can be passed on to the offspring. For instance in twin studies, results show that a twin has three times more chances of having the condition if the other twin has the disease that it is in case of a fraternal twin.

The finding that the condition can actually be inherited prompted scientists to go further and determine how this is possible. All results have merged at one point; the neurotransmission system. However, even before this discovery, the effect of neurotransmitters drugs on bipolar illness problems had always given this hint. Although scientists are now sure that the neurotransmission system plays a major part in the condition, reports are still ongoing and much still needs to be done to know the exact relationship.

Regarding the environmental sources, anything that leads to stressful life events is believed to cause bipolar illness. This can be anything from losing a loved one or being rendered jobless suddenly. While some of the major stressful life events are known, this again varies from individual to individual. Research has ascertained that such conditions actually trigger the onset of the bipolar condition after which the disease takes over in its natural form.

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See, there is no exhaustive explanation to the cause of bipolar illness. Nonetheless, scientists and researchers concur that environmental and stressful events in life are the two main known causes of the disease. This is partly explained in the Diathesis-Stress-Model which suggests that each of us has the potential to develop bipolar disorder due to inherited characteristics. Going by the extensive research concerning the cause of bipolar disorder, it remains to be seen whether this explanation will receive backing or be banished by subsequent findings.

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