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Neutrons show accumulation of antidepressant in brain – Another reason to embrace talk therapy!

BrainExperiments with neutrons at the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) show that the antidepressant lithium accumulates more strongly in white matter of the brain than in grey matter. This leads to the conclusion that it works differently from synthetic psychotropic drugs. The tissue samples were examined at the Research Neutron Source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) with the aim of developing a better understanding of the effects this substance has on the human psyche.

At present lithium is most popular for its use in rechargeable batteries. But for decades now, lithium has also been used to treat various psychological diseases such as depressions, manias and bipolar disorders. But, the exact biological mode of action in certain brain regions has hardly been understood. It is well known that lithium lightens moods and reduces aggression potential.

Because it is so hard to dose, doctors have been reluctant to prescribe this “universal drug”. Nonetheless, a number of international studies have shown that a higher natural lithium content in drinking water leads to a lower suicide rate in the general population. Lithium accumulates in the brains of untreated people, too. This means that lithium, which has so far been regarded as unimportant, could be an essential trace element for humans.

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Cystic Fibrosis Defeated With Higher Body O2

Cystic fibrosis major symptoms can be eliminated by any person who achieves normal breathing parameters. Therefore cystic fibrosis treatment should target one main goal: to increase body O2 content. This is exactly the key problem in adults and children with cystic fibrosis.

O2 in cells is the crucial factor in cystic fibrosis since the tiny pumps that transport sodium and chloride ions to create mucus in the respiratory tract and digestive system require oxygen to do the job correctly. Low O2 level in cells makes these pumps malfunction. And this is effect is established even in ordinary people without the CFTR gene. People with CF (cystic fibrosis) experience the same effect (poor work of tiny pumps causing more viscous mucus), but this effect is amplified by their CFTR gene making mucus, in conditions of tissue hypoxia, even thicker and dryer.

That causes opportunistic infections in the GI tract, airways, and lungs. In addition, low O2 or tissue hypoxia causes oxidative stress and generations of free radicals due to anaerobic respiration in cells. This suppresses the immune system and worsens infections. They become chronic.

Adults and children with cystic fibrosis develop chronic GI problems due to advance of Candida Albicans, Helicobacter Pylori, and other bacteria, fungi and pathogens. Similar effects take place in the respiratory problems resulting in frequent respiratory infections with other symptom that are different and individual and can include chronic cough, inflammation of airways, extra mucus, development of allergies and wheezing, poor fitness, problems with sleep and many other effects.

The solution to all these problems is to increase body O2 content. Why adults and children with CF have reduced O2 content in cells? This is due to their too heavy and fast breathing at rest. Numerous studies showed that people with cystic fibrosis breathe about twice heavier for their minute ventilation at rest.

Overbreathing is also called hyperventilation. It destroys tissues of the lungs due to lack of CO2 that has protective effects on lung tissues and performs key roles in O2 transport. Indeed, people with overbreathing either destroy their lungs (as it happens in severe asthma, COPD and emphysema) or suffer from low arterial CO2 when lungs are not involved yet.

Low arterial CO2 causes devastating effects on O2 delivery to cells. First of all, CO2 expands arteries since it is the most potent known vasodilator. Therefore, low arterial CO2 immediately leads to reduced perfusion (or circulation) to all vital organs, including the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, colon, and so forth. In addition, low CO2 leads to the suppressed Verigo-Bohr effect. This means that less oxygen is released in tissues by red blood cells due to lack of CO2. This effect worsen hypoxia in people with cystic fibrosis ( causing more problems with the CFTR gene and normal mucus formation.

You can find out all studies and details of successful treatment of cystic fibrosis from the Amazon Kindle book “Cystic Fibrosis: Defeated with Natural Self-Oxygenation Methods” by Dr. Artour Rakhimov ( This book has a PDF version too.

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Deep Breathing Delusion, Oxygen Content In Cells, And Hyperventilation Or Medical Deep Breathing Test For Breathing Retraining

Even though the vast majority of persons presume that it’s useful as well as healthy to breathe deeper and get extra air in the lungs, medical professionals have the reverse opinion with regards to deep breathing. And physicians are right simply because hyperventilation is not going to enhance oxygen content in the arterial blood. The main outcome of overbreathing is lowered carbon dioxide pressure in the arterial blood, and this cuts down transfer of oxygen to tissues.

Take note that the circumstance with working out is unique since we create considerably more CO2 in muscles and we require to inhale and exhale much more during the course of exercising in order to have traditional CO2 levels in the alveoli. Nonetheless as a way to increase fitness in addition to endurance, it is much better to inhale and exhale a lesser amount of air along with by using the nose even in the course of physical activity, as this post demonstrates: tarahumara running style.

Moreover, 100s of doctors have actually made use of the overbreathing test when these healthcare doctors asked their patients to breathe faster and deeper for two or three minutes so that they can demonstrate their signs and symptoms and the most fragile systems of the entire body. This deep breathing test was particularly common with those physicians that strove various respiratory retraining methods. Multiple health-related investigations touched on that deep respiration evaluation happens to be important for the successful result of their therapies.

Certainly, because several patients (frequently about ninety percent) could recognize their indicators throughout the deep breathing evaluation, these individuals understood the origin of their issues (unnecessary breathing). It is ordinary to presume that this crucial revelation must immediately bring alleviation to numerous patients considering that anxiety (concern relevant to something that is unknown) was dramatically lessened. Also, this insight developed a more suitable connection with their health care professionals that happened to be based on trust, in addition to it also excited a heavy-duty pastime as well as inspiration of the individual that they could soon be able to play an important role in solving their own individual health complications.

If this deep breathing evaluation was not done, lots of patients would continue to need realistic doubts regarding the worth of the entire respiratory treatment as well as the medical practitioners’ capability to help. The vital distinction between these 2 situations happens to be the good adjustment in mindset of the sufferers towards the encouraged method.

Interest about ordinary and abnormal respiratory patterns made it simpler for the person to study the fundamental characteristics of ordinary breathing and uncommon breathing automatic or basal patterns in an effort to recognize them in every day way of life. To give an example slower nose respiration at the time of intensive physical exercise is tough, but it is a superb strategy to strengthen cardiovascular endurance and develop one’s overall health.

First, it happened to be discussed to the individual that deep breathing actions causing overbreathing root a reduction in alveolar CO2 content. These deep breathing actions included sneezing, sighing, yawning, coughing as well as chest breathing. In an effort to emerge as healthy, all of the uncommon conducts should be stopped or eliminated.

Second, it was very important for the patient to recognize the components of chest and stomach respiration. Surely, belly breathing could be defined by the heeding adjectives: smooth, peaceful, slow, and standard. However, upper body respiration happens to be frequently rough, noisy, swift, and sporadic.

Since pressure is a average result to stress leading to over-breathing, a person are able to conclude that relaxation methods, due to a feedback, diminishes minute ventilation, lowers pulse fee, and elevates carbon dioxide levels in the alveoli. Therefore, relaxation happens to be a important therapeutic tool in lessening deep breathing as well as in greatly improving one’s health as numerous studies related to numerous medical conditions have actually legitimized.

In addition, relaxation techniques can often be beneficial in minimizing the detrimental consequences of strain, deep breathing, as well as their following abnormal bodily modifications. Notably, the decrease of strain in the muscular tissues, specifically of the upper body area, produces even more calmness and easier breathing. These kinds of serene mind states aids to investigate intricate psychological difficulties such as Little Albert experiment.

Various medical authors recommended to their sufferers that they utilize the guidances of physiotherapists in order to learn abdominal breathing. 2 in the past discussed functions, which are the awareness of standard as well as uncommon respiratory patterns, and relaxation methods, can be thought of the theoretical preparation as well as the 1st efficient steps in acquiring a normal abdominal respiration rather than deep breathing.