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We are on the First Page!

first is listed on the first page of Google for keyword ‘online counseling services’. The site was on the seventh page since the latest Panda update by Google in May/June 2013. Site traffic went down drastically since. However, with the support of some very active Therapists we could achieve this goal. At the moment the site is showing at position 10 on the first page of Google. We are trying to fine-tune our SEO at the moment in order to improve the site ranking further.

Blog Got a New Face!

Our blog just had a face-lift… have a look and like please!


The New Look…

New Look

Here’s the first peek of the upgraded site…

Some of the new features include:

  • Fast and bug-free chat application
  • Integrated audio chat
  • Improved session history
  • Per minute and per session payment system
  • Upgraded and simplified payment gateway
  • Improved audio quality
  • Telephone call widgets are something of the past
  • Improved ranking system for Therapists
  • First five minutes chat is free for the first session
  • User-friendly pagination
  • Notes and white board facilities integrated to chat window
  • Improved security features

Site Being Up-graded

Better Chat System… New Payment System… Better Environment

The main site is undergoing serious and major upgrading process. Hoping to show the new face in the first week of May.

The major changes are the following:

New Chat Application with the following features:

Chat with audio facility (yes, we are stopping telephone facility which is complex in many ways at the moment, and is very expensive for us. So, the chat will have audio facility that could substitute telephone)

  • Whiteboard plug-in
  • Notes and chat side by side (therapist can take notes, scribble down further questions that could be asked as the session progresses, etc.)
  • Access mails, check accounts/payments, etc. right from the Messenger
  • Facility to review full chat sessions (verbatim history)

Elimination/Blocking of Non-Serious Clients

This has been a serious issue until now which we are hoping to avoid by introducing the following:

  • Client has option to choose from per minute session or per hour session
  • Client can chat ONLY after purchasing minutes or purchasing an hour session
  • If client chooses per minute session, the first five minutes will be free; means, only the minutes after the first five minutes will be counted for payment

New Payment System

We are very anxious to see ProvenTherapists getting paid without delay. We are stopping our business with eSellerate and are hoping to do business with a better service where our therapists don’t need to wait for receiving their first payment. eSellerate has a waiting period of two months and they have a minimum balance condition of $100. We are in the process of negotiating with eSellerate to release all outstanding payments to our therapists, irrespective of minimum balance and waiting time. This will be done before 8th May by which time we will, hopefully, have a better payment system in place. We are hoping to deposit money into our therapists’ local banks directly by ourselves in order to avoid long waiting, minimum balance conditions, etc.