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The Spread Of Emotional Infidelity In Today’s Marriages

There are certain things that now seem normal which unfortunately is having a really negative impact on our marriages. We unfortunately take lot’s of these lightly. Left unchecked, they just eat away at the foundation of our marriages. Our aim here is to look at one such issue so we can guard against it.

Everyone knows that there are challenges that face marriages. One thing that we might not like to acknowledge is that we invite lot’s of these issues on ourselves. One of the problems we would be examine is emotional infidelity. This may not seem to be something really serious. You might actually ask the question – what is emotional infidelity? I would I would respond by answering.

Emotional infidelity is an emotional attachment with someone other than your spouse. Words are usually the vehicle by which emotional infidelity is driven. That is why you can be guilty of this without it involving a physical intimacy with the person. This brings us to a major issue I want us to look at.

If asked, many of us may deny being guilty of emotional infidelity so I would go about this from a different direction. This would involve asking us some questions. We would be able to find out if your are really guilty or not from the answers you give.

Are you signed up on Facebook? If you are not on Facebook, are you on another social network? You now have the first set of questions. It is very likely that you answered “yes” to the questions above. Let us then go on to the next question.

Do you spend a lot of time on these networks?

It is really interesting to know that Facebook users spend a total of about 700 billion minutes on the network monthly. I find this scary. The same research went further to note that these minutes are really minutes taken from our normal life and in many cases face to face relationship. Put this in context and you would understand why it’s troubling. Let’s move on to the next question.

You spend your time on the social media network with someone or some people. Who are these people?

You of course cannot say that you spend all that time with your spouse. The only exception may be those who live in cities different from their spouses. However, the more common thing is that we have other people we spend time with online.

As if the issue of spending so much time chatting online is not enough, we now include video chat which even increases the chances of emotional infidelity. Folks now have video chat and strip for themselves. If you as a married individual does this with someone other than your spouse, are you not guilty of infidelity? It’s called emotional infidelity only because there’s no physical intimacy.

It is necessary that something is done fast. Sadly you may have to embark on this alone. If you do not want to wait for your spouse but want to go ahead and find out how to save your marriage alone, try the following:

– make time for your partner

– Be care of the length of time you stay on social networks

– Carefully monitor the content of your communication on social media networks

– Be creative. Think of ways of capturing your spouse’s attention

– Give your spouse full attention

Look at this like a war that you must win to save your marriage.