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Virtual Clinic at Home

Do you think that you need somebody to extend a healing touch to your troubled heart?  Visiting a mental health professional doesn’t make you feel comfortable?  Feeling embarrassed to meet a counselor face to face? Read along… you probably will benefit from taking online counseling or psychotherapy from an online clinician.

Virtual clinic is intended for people like you.  There are hundreds of virtual mental health clinics like and thousands of qualified therapist working round the clock to talk to you… No need for embarrassment because you are not going out from your room to physically meet a therapist face to face… No need to let others know that you have an appointment with a mental health professional what so ever… There are thousands of practitioners available online in the virtual world to choose from… You can pick your therapist after reviewing their credentials and also you have the option to inquire about the therapy methods they are using even before committing to attend an appointment.

Online counseling clinics operate through different methods.  Most of the counseling sites provide you online live chat session, which is found to be the most effective one in many respects.  The therapist can ask different diagnostic questions in real time in order to make his clinical assessment of your problem.  Once a diagnosis is made the clinician will discuss the treatment plan with you.  Follow-up appointment will be part of further care plan. Many other Internet clinics offer telephone counseling service as well. has a telephone call widget within the site itself. Client can click this call button to talk to the therapist who receives the call on his/her telephone. All telephone sessions as well as live chat sessions will be recorded and will be kept confidential. Clients are encouraged to check if the online clinic is protected by additional SSL encryption layer in order to prevent data leakage.

The major disadvantage of online therapy is that the clinician loses the opportunity to read the client’s body language, and hence not able to note if the client has problems like tics.  The clinican cannot make physical examination or check your blood pressure which are needed on some cases.  However, research shows that there are millions of people access this online counseling facility because of the comfort and flexibility the virtual clinic gives to them. Of course, virtual clinics offer convenience, value for money, and more flexibility in terms of appointments, and choice of therapists.